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CALA, founded in New York, is a startup that allows building your online fashion brand without leaving the home. The most interesting here is that Maersk — one of the largest logistics operators in the world…

As accounting principles (GAAP) in USA point out, there are three key methods used for startups’ valuations. Except for presenting them,
I’d especially like to emphasize their relevance to the Polish ecosystem.

Startup valuations methods

Among three mentioned methods, the first one is based on the last transaction. Meaning, the value of a…

The Polish startup ecosystem starts to gather more and more attention to the foreign press. Funds like Finch Capital, Rheingau Founders or Runa Capital enter our market and play a significant role in the biggest VC’s transactions in Poland. In terms of the energy sector, we see that Poland starts…

SpeedUp Venture Capital Group

We’re a leading group of venture capital funds, investing in people who develop new technologies 🚀

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